Living Life as a Nonsmoker

One of the last milestones in becoming truly smokefree is when you're able to think of yourself as a former smoker. One of the ways to do that is to keep reminding yourself of the positive changes that have happened since you quit smoking. It’s a better life for you and for the people around you.

Be proud of yourself for all you have accomplished during the past few weeks since you started this quit-smoking journey.

You As a Nonsmoker

What does being smokefree mean to you? The activity will help reinforce everything you've accomplished.

Select the statements that reflect how quitting smoking has improved your life. Choose all that apply.

I feel better. My health is improving. I don’t smell like cigarettes anymore. I’m saving money. I’m taking control of my life. I’m no longer hurting the people around me with secondhand smoke. I’m setting a better example for my family. I’m still struggling with quitting. I don’t feel like a nonsmoker yet.
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Use Visualization to Keep Your Positive Attitude Going

A big part of becoming a former smoker is how you think of yourself. If you can confidently say you are a nonsmoker others will begin to see you that way too. To keep promoting your status as a nonsmoker to yourself:

Picture yourself smokefree at upcoming events in your life. Isn't it nice?

Keep repeating positive statements such as, “I’m so glad I don’t smoke anymore.”

Practice saying no to offers of cigarettes until it’s second nature.

How will you know you’ve really made it? Although you shouldn’t let your guard down completely—the urge to smoke can sneak up at unexpected times—you’ll know you are well along the way to staying smokefree when:

  • Your urges to smoke are few and far between.
  • You enjoy not smoking.
  • Feelings of nostalgia about smoking have become rare or have even disappeared.

So What Happens Next?

After you finish Session 9, you are welcome to keep coming back to for as long as you have your membership. The Freedom From Smoking® Community and the Lung HelpLine will also be available to you for support for as long as you need them. You may want to bookmark the Community site (accessible directly from for quick access and save the HelpLine number to your contacts: 1-800-LUNGUSA (1-800-586-4872).

Here are some additional tips to help as you continue to live a smokefree life on your own.

Keep Planning for Urges

You may still encounter some situations that trigger an urge to smoke. These will change over time and should decrease in number. Your urges will also get weaker as time passes. But an intense urge could arise unexpectedly. If this happens, be ready with a few well-rehearsed lines you can use for any situation:

“The urge will pass in three to five minutes whether or not I choose to smoke.”

“I’m not going through the hard work of quitting again.”

“I like how I feel now that I’ve quit.”

Keep Using Quit-Smoking Medication as Recommended

There are a few reasons people don’t get the full benefit of using quit-smoking medication: They don't use it correctly, they don't use it long enough or they don't use the amount recommended. Even if you feel like you’ve quit, don’t stop taking your medication sooner than the directions state.

NOTE: Most people are able to stop using nicotine replacement therapy at the end of the recommended treatment period without discomfort.

Reinforce Your Own Quit by Helping Someone Else

Now that you know what it takes to quit smoking, share what you know with someone else!

Be positive, encouraging and understanding to the person trying to quit.

Help support the person in the way that helps him or her the most.

Remember, helping someone quit is one more great way to help you stay a nonsmoker too.

Have a friend who is trying to quit? Tell your friend about Freedom From Smoking® Plus and encourage him or her to call the American Lung Association’s Lung HelpLine at 1-800-LUNGUSA (1-800-586-4872) for advice and support.

Bringing it All Together

You are coming to the end of Freedom From Smoking. We hope you will use what you’ve learned here to continue on the road to staying smokefree for good. As you take your next steps on your own:

Make it clear to others that you believe in yourself and they will believe in you too.

Stay on guard to fight urges and avoid slips by continuing to use the tools you learned.

Remember that when it comes to cigarettes, it’s easier to have none than one.

Keep monitoring your inner voice and celebrating victories big and small.

Stay active and pay attention to how you eat.

Call the Lung HelpLine if you need a boost. Visit to learn about how you can help others.

Please Give Us Your Feedback

Instead of a quiz for Session 9, please answer these five quick questions about your experience with Freedom From Smoking® Plus.

Select the statement that best describes you today: I’m not smoking or using any form of tobacco. I’m smoking or using another form of tobacco but I plan to quit within the next 30 days. I’m smoking or using another form of tobacco and I plan to quit within the next six months. I’m smoking or using another form of tobacco and I don’t plan to quit within the next six months. Which of these activities was the MOST helpful as you tried to quit? Reasons for Quitting Lifestyle Changes You Can Live With Pack Tracks/Quit Plan Reward Plan for Milestones Which of these activities was the LEAST helpful as you tried to quit? Reasons for Quitting Lifestyle Changes You Can Live With Pack Tracks/Quit Plan Reward Plan for Milestones Did you use the Lung HelpLine for support? Yes, often Yes, at least once No, not at all Would you recommend Freedom From Smoking to a friend? Yes No

Thank you for your feedback! Your input will help us assist others who are working to become smokefree.

If you have completed all of the required activities and quizzes in the program, you will now receive your certificate. Just return to the Dashboard to print your copy.

If you have not completed all required activities and quizzes, you will need to do so before you get your certificate.

We hope you achieved your goal and are able to stay smokefree for good. Think about all you have learned, keep practicing the strategies and contact the Lung HelpLine at 1-800-LUNGUSA (1-800-586-4872) if you need more help. Congratulations on everything you’ve accomplished and keep up the good work!

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