It’s Time to Chart a New Course

You’ve already quit smoking. So why continue with Freedom From Smoking® Plus for four more sessions? Part 3: Staying Smokefree is all about the most exciting and challenging time of your journey. Now it’s all about maintaining your new status as a former smoker during the first weeks after quitting—and then staying quit for good.

During Sessions 6 through 9, you’ll take control back as you:

  • Gain and practice coping strategies to get you through the first few weeks after quitting.
  • Learn the difference between a slip and a relapse, and how to deal with both.
  • Begin building long-term strategies for staying quit by making additional healthy lifestyle changes.
  • Start looking at yourself in a new way so you can break your connection to tobacco for good.

Keep using the resources you have available through this course:

  • Even if you feel as though your quit is going well, keep reading all of the sessions and doing all of the activities. You should almost have everything you need to earn a certificate now.
  • Visit the Freedom From Smoking® Community often. You’ll find help if you are having trouble and can give support to others.
  • Contact the Lung HelpLine if you start struggling at any point.
  • Use the Resources section to access relaxation exercises and keep using them as often as possible.

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