Today is the Day You Gain Freedom From Smoking

Congratulations for making it to Quit Day! You’ve reached another important milestone in your journey. You are saying good-bye to your tobacco addiction. Right now! This part of the course includes just one very important session: How to put everything you’ve been learning into action to start a new phase of your life as a nonsmoker.

During Session 5, you’ll take a bold step forward as you:

  • Take concrete steps to get tobacco out of your life.
  • Revisit the benefits of quitting and plan additional rewards for staying smokefree.
  • Solidify your plan for what to do when a craving comes.

Now that Quit Day is here, it’s even more important to use the resources in this program:

  • Do all of the activities we have planned for your Quit Day. They will count toward earning your certificate too.
  • Visit the Freedom From Smoking® Community and post how you are feeling on this really important day.
  • Contact the Lung HelpLine if you start struggling at any point.
  • Use the relaxation exercises in the Resources section to stay calm and focused.

Start Session 5