With the Right Plan, a Smokefree Life Is Within Reach

In Part 1: Getting Ready, you’ll take a close look at your smoking addiction in order to prepare for Quit Day and a renewed life as a nonsmoker. If you’ve been a smoker for a long time, it’s sometimes hard to remember smoking is not your natural state. You weren’t born craving tobacco. Your need to smoke became part of your life sometime after you had your first cigarette. Just as you had to learn to smoke, you can also learn to stop smoking so you can return to your natural self.

During Sessions 1 through 4, you’ll start the process of quitting as you:

  • Learn how to navigate roadblocks to quitting while building your motivation.
  • Explore your addiction so you can find ways to overcome it.
  • Learn short-term strategies to help you feel more relaxed and in control of the quit process.
  • Make a plan for Quit Day.

Remember, you'll have the best chance of quitting for good if you use all of the resources in this course:

  • Read every session and complete all activities. That's how you'll earn your certificate too.
  • Visit the Freedom From Smoking® Community often. You might find someone who is going through an experience a lot like yours.
  • Contact the Lung HelpLine for expert advice whenever you need it.

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