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There are now more ex-smokers than smokers in the United States.

52 million Americans who used to smoke have now quit for good.

Many had to try a few times, but they didn’t give up and they are now smokefree.

When You Believe Quitting Is Possible, It’s Easier to See the Path Forward

You may have many different feelings about quitting smoking. You know all the reasons why you should quit, but you may not be sure you can quit or if the time is right. Most smokers feel that way when they first decide to quit. But millions have quit and so can you.

We’re Positive Quitting Smoking Will Improve Your Life

Not only is quitting smoking possible, it is the single most important thing you can do to improve the length and quality of your life. Instead of thinking of quitting smoking as giving something up, think of all of the great things you’ll gain.

Soon after quitting you’ll start to see some changes:

  • More energy and less stress
  • Less eye and throat irritation
  • Reduction in smoker’s cough
  • Improved sense of taste and smell
  • Better-smelling breath and clothes
  • Overall start to “feeling better” within two weeks

Over time your health will continue to benefit:

  • Fewer colds and respiratory infections
  • Repair of much of the damage from smoking
  • Reduced risk of cancer, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and high blood pressure

Plus you’ll enjoy these happy results:

  • Save money you would’ve spent on cigarettes
  • Miss less work, school and social events
  • Say good-bye to the hassles of being confined to outdoor smoking areas
  • Be a better role model for your children and grandchildren

Everyone Around You Will Benefit Too

Quit smoking and you’ll help cut the harmful effects of secondhand smoke (smoke that’s exhaled or comes from the burning end of cigarettes, cigars and pipes) for those around you. Each year in the United States secondhand smoke:

Causes about 7,300 deaths from lung cancer in adult nonsmokers

Causes close to 34,000 deaths from heart disease in adult nonsmokers

Secondhand smoke is harmful to pets too. Quitting will help protect your four-legged friends.

Secondhand Smoke is Even Worse for Children and Babies

Learn more by selecting the boxes below.

I have children, grandchildren or other kids in my life

Children who are around secondhand smoke:

  • Get more chest colds, ear infections, bronchitis and pneumonia
  • Are more likely to be hospitalized during the first two years of life
  • May be smaller, and their lung development may be slower
  • Are more likely to smoke when they grow up

Don’t smoke around children and don’t let other family members, friends or babysitters smoke around them either!

I’m pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant.

If you are pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant, there’s never been a better time—or more reasons—to quit. Smoking during pregnancy:

  • Increases the risk of miscarriage and stillbirth
  • Makes it more likely your baby will be born too early
  • Can cause low birth weight, leading to other health problems
  • Increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
  • Makes it more likely your child will develop asthma or other lung problems, get more colds and have more ear infections
  • Can cause learning delays as your child grows

Even if you are already far along in your pregnancy, quitting can still make a difference for your baby’s health.

So What’s Holding You Back?

Many people want to quit but hold on to excuses to keep smoking. Quitting smoking is always the better option. Learn more by selecting the boxes below.

“I don’t smoke enough to get the diseases smoking causes.”
Heavy smokers have a higher chance of getting diseases such as COPD and lung cancer but light smokers get them too. Light smokers also have a much higher chance of having a heart attack or stroke than nonsmokers do. Quit smoking and your risk of getting a smoking-related disease drops dramatically.
“My smoking buddies will give me a hard time.”
Smoking is a social, mental and physical addiction. It can be harder to stop smoking if it feels like everyone around you is doing it. But instead of just saying yes to smoking, you can learn how to say no. And if you ask, you might find a friend who is ready to quit with you.
“Smoking relaxes me.”
A cigarette may seem like it makes you feel better, but it’s just temporary relief from the stress caused by your need for nicotine. Smoking actually increases heart rate and blood pressure. True relaxation comes from practicing stress-relief techniques and positive thinking.
“If I stop smoking, I’ll gain weight.”
Some people do gain weight when they stop smoking—less than 10 pounds on average. A bit of extra weight is much better for you than smoking. This course shows you how to limit or avoid weight gain when quitting.
“I’ve smoked so long it won’t make a difference if I quit now.”
Research has proven your body benefits from quitting no matter how long you’ve been smoking. Over time your body can even repair much of the damage done by smoking. After you quit your body will begin to function more efficiently. You’ll look and feel better and be healthier.
“I’ve already tried to quit and failed.”
Most people have to try several times before quitting for good. Think of past quit attempts as practice and we all know practice makes perfect. This course teaches you ways to deal with situations that caused you to go back to smoking in the past.

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